B2B Email Copywriter For Sales Coaches – More Leads. More Sales. Less Effort. 

A Few Companies I’ve Worked With:

  • B2B Saleskey
  • AT&T
  • United States Postal Service
  • Metro by T-Mobile
  • Smile Finders
  • American Writer’s & Artists Institute
  • Custom Creatives
  • Vega Body Therapy
  • Country Dancing Tonight
  • F7 Digital
  • Create-A-Mate
  • Super Whiskers
  • Alzina Marketing
  • Vector Marketing

Client Testimonials

“Now clients are not only purchasing stuff they left in their shopping cart for our info products, but they’re also booking calls on our calendar.”Rahul Alim – Owner of Custom Creatives

Derek ran a Facebook ad for me, in less than 40 hours, it reached over 7096 people and generated 34 warm leads. All this and I only spent $67.24 in ad spend!” – E. Vega – Owner of Vega Body Therapy

“Derek is no ordinary pro, he made my copy more persuasive right from the start. Added to that, he’s a totally sweet listener. Hire him in a heart beat before he gets completely booked.” – Emmanuel Iyere – Copywriter/ Content Management, Curiosity Shots

“I appreciated how much Derek got invested in understanding my project needs. He is most definitely the go to guy for fundraising!” – Tamiko French – Founder of Legacy Arts Group, LLC

“I see the invaluable resource Derek can be with his ideas and creativity. The product pages he wrote read really well with some fun flair. He just got into it with great enthusiasm and that comes through.” – Brian Sheridan – Owner of Country Dancing Tonight

‘I read your post before I saw who wrote it. I was engulfed in each line and I could feel your story.’ THEN I saw who wrote it. I literally went from amazed to “still amazed but not surprised.” – Isom Chapelle

Want More Proof?

Rahul Alim – Owner of Custom Creatives

E. Vega – Owner of Vega Body Therapy

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