12 Sure Ways To Turbocharge Your Copywriting Skills Overnight

If you don’t develop an insatiable hunger to improve your copywriting, you’ll never make it out alive. And you’ll need to step it up if you want to get out of those Facebook groups fighting over $20 blogs.

You’re better than that.

Do you want to write million-dollar promos or are you a tomato? If you’re serious about living off the coast of Dubai, raking in 500K a year in wire transfers. You’ll want to read until the end.

Here are a handful of surefire strategies and FREE tools to improve your copywriting.

1. Keep Writing

Consistent writing equals consistent improvement. Demystify the process and improve your copywriting by completing the repetitions. You will strengthen your skillset and become more comfortable with the act of writing.

What good is a copywriter who’s afraid of touching the keyboard? The answer is no good at all. And I know phones exist, don’t be a smart Aleck, you know what I mean.

2. Write Haikus Every Day

I got this tip from a friend of mine and yes, it’s effective as hell. Write 3 Haikus every day – A Haiku is a Japanese short poem consisting of three phrases each on its own line. 17 syllables per Haiku in a 5, 7, 5 pattern.

This practice is great for long-winded writers – like me. Improving your ability to communicate will improve your copywriting skills. Since your job is to simplify complex ideas it will help you immensely to practice.


“For Concise Copy

Strip ideas to barebones

Write haikus daily”

3. Get More Experience

Getting your beak wet as a freelancer is a giant game of cat and mouse (you being the cat). Just because you are looking for money (and clients) doesn’t mean that you’re not on the same team as your prospect. In fact, prospects are more likely to hire you if they feel you have their best interest in mind.

4. Always Be Persuading

As a freelancer, you only eat when you make a sale. In this case, selling means landing those very elusive first clients. Copywriters should always be in persuasive mode.

In your copywriting journey, you’ll convince cold leads that you’re the right person for their project. Copywriting is a persuasive language – hidden in subtext -, to entice prospects to take action. Like any language, it must be practiced consistently or your skills will diminish.

You’ve got to enjoy swaying others because copywriting isn’t just a career – It’s a lifestyle. Keep that in mind and you’ll radically improve your copywriting. 

5. Templatize Copywriting Process

As you write copy you’ll improve your skills, typing speed, and speed of your completion time. Improving as a copywriter isn’t just about getting better but also about using better tools and techniques. Templatizing your copy creation approach will lead to a simple, repeatable process.

Your ability to generate copy quickly will empower you to make your deadlines. If you want to improve your copywriting and generate income on command, you’ll want to use formulas. Here are the top 3 formulas that every copywriter should know.

The 4 U’s (The Headline Formula)

Unique – Does it grab your attention by sounding different?

Urgent – Does it communicate that the body copy is time-sensitive?

Useful – Is it for the reader?

Ultra specific – Upon reading the headline do you know what the copy is about?

AIDA (The Body Copy Formula)

Attention – Snatch the reader by the ear and pull them into the page.

Interest – Point to the product and build it as the only solution to their aches and pains.

Desire – Speak directly to the reader’s heart and make them crave the product.

Action – Ask them to take the next step.

The 4P’s (The Big Promise Formula)

Picture – Paint a vivid scene that your prospects can see themselves in. Whether it’s the perfect future or their horrific present.

Promise – State how your product will end that painful scene or bring the ideal scene to life for them.

Proof – What happens if the product can’t do what’s been promised? Who has seen you keep your promise, and how? What can you show skeptics that your solution will keep its promise? In this section you really have to support your promise.

Push – Nudge the prospect to take action.

6. Conversational Copy

When I was learning copywriting I was told to speak to my readers as if they are my best friends. Umm… bad idea. My best friends and I are degenerates and can’t go ten minutes without letting profanity fly.

Your reader will appreciate a more personal approach to the messaging. But don’t use slang, acronyms, or cliches. Remember you’re writing on behalf of a company or entrepreneur. Feel free to call your best friends a ‘fat pickle belly basket’, but leave the readers out of it.

7. Use Hemingway App (Tool)

As a suggestion – use it. Contrary to its name the Hemingway App isn’t actually an app. It’s a website created to track your writing’s grade level, eliminate passive voice, and highlight other issues.

Bookmark the website and use it for absolutely all of your writing. Hemingway App will vastly improve your copywriting ability and give your copy an instant boost.

However, as amazing as the Hemingway App is, it doesn’t save your writing as you type. So if you have a power outage (I had 2 last week) or your laptop dies – etc – Your progress will be lost. Type your copy on Google Docs, copy and paste the text to Hemingway App, edit, paste it back to Google Docs.

8. Develop An Editing Process (Tool)

Use Grammarly… nuff said.

9. Write Bad Copy Then Clean It Up

Start with a giant info dump first. Then clean up the page after your first draft. Doing so will save you time and ensure you don’t spend it on the same sentence until it’s perfect. You’ll spend less time, make more money, and operate like a pro copywriter.

So stop with all of this start-stop-edit business or you’ll never improve your copywriting.

10. Learn Content Writing

Starting out can be a rough and tumble experience for freelancers, you’re just looking for a shot to get your foot in the door. While you’re building and diversifying your portfolio you’ll want to invest time into learning content writing.

Of course there are several other skills you could learn to supplement your copywriting prowess. Skills such as graphic design, web development, and or even another language.

But the aforementioned skills may take months if not years to learn and have nothing to do with writing. Copywriters need to learn how to write content that doesn’t lull readers into a deep sleep.

Besides, every copywriter will be asked to write a simple blog at least once in his or her career. It’s not likely you’ll be asked to write a VSL in Arabic for the Prince of Dubai anytime soon… Unless it’s a Craigslist scam – you’ve been warned.

11. Improve Your Copywriting

Just improve it… nuff said. I’m kidding – this is actually a conclusion. Thank you for stopping by and reading to the end it means a lot to me. But…

My biggest tip to improve your copywriting is to just do it. Stop analyzing, stop asking for help and researching, and just take action. If you’ve passed some sort of online course or you’re looking for a copywriting mentor then you know more than you think.

If you need permission to go out there, help companies, and be a copywriting badass then go forth. You have everything you need inside you and this brings me to my last point.

12. Confidence (Tool)

I’ve waited until the end to give you the only tool you truly need to improve your copywriting. You can’t get this on no phone app. It takes real grit to get back up and wrestle with the bear (doubt).

You got this champion.

Happy Hunting, Freelancer.

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