3 Ethical Ways To Get Much Better Testimonials From Your Clients & Customers

Testimonials are a great way to show proof and credibility to every business website/ promotional piece.

HOWEVER… All testimonials are NOT good testimonials.

Here are 3 ways you can turn “meh” testimonials into more persuasive ones.

1.) Edit them… ETHICALLY

Removing a few extra words can go a long way to making testimonials punchy, powerful proof points. As long as you don’t change the overarching message, you should be clear.

2.) Stick to one idea

Some clients may shower you with 3-5 praises in one testimonial – which can make it boring to read. Instead, hone in on the ONE BIG TAKE AWAY you’d like your reader to absorb.

3.) Get specific

Don’t just ask for a general testimonial, you want specific information. Get real names, vivid details, before and after examples, numbers & statistics.


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