62-Year-Old Retiree’s Dramatic Weight Loss Saved Two Lives

“I left there thinking, who’s going to take care of my wife if I die?”

At age 62, Kenneth had been informed that his wife of 41 years had developed breast cancer. Sudden razor sharp pains would shoot through her bones, so she couldn’t even roll out of bed by herself.

Kenneth is doing his absolute best to care for his sickly wife. But the obese retiree is struggling to keep up with her needs. From fetching her a bucket to vomit into, and crouching to lift the dead weight of his spouse off the floor.

After just two days Kenneth’s 272lb body had already been through hell.

Paying for a live-in aid would quickly eat up the couple’s retirement savings and force Kenneth back into the workforce.

Kenneth didn’t want his adult children to see their mother like this. He had to do this alone. So his spouse could only watch in horror as her husband of 41 years killed himself every day to keep her alive. Adding onto the guilt that she already felt for being sick.

Kenneth went to the doctor and took his annual physical, then later got his results. The doctor notified Kenneth that the fatty cholesterol in his blood was as thick as molasses.

He knew he had to drop pounds – fast … or he was afraid he and his wife would die.

Struggling with weight loss was normal for Kenneth. He couldn’t find a diet that left him satisfied. Kenneth would choose a diet and quit it just as fast. And as a result, he’d pack on more pounds than when he started.

A determined Kenneth researched the Keto diet. But in the past, he tried several diets like the low-fat diet and the Mediterranean diet. But he couldn’t stick with them long enough because they were so restrictive.

He asked himself “Why should Keto be any different?”

Kenneth never put himself first. He was a loving, family man and everything he did was for his wife and children.

To make sure he could take care of his wife he had to become healthier and stronger. So Kenneth followed the Keto diet regimen to the letter.

It was all or nothing.

After two weeks on the Keto diet, he didn’t crave sugar at all. “It was really easy and I was always full.”

Kenneth did everything for his woman, even cooked her food! A year later, Kenneth had lost 93lbs and his wife… cancer-free. Kenneth thanks Keto for the miraculous recovery this couple made.

The last time Kenneth carried his wife, it wasn’t because she was sick. After she got the all-clear from her doctor, Kenneth carried her into the house.

He laid her on their bed, kissed her, and said, “Thank you for being the best wife, friend, mother, and lover in the world.”

The Keto diet did all that for a retired 62-year-old man, imagine what it could do for you.

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Bert Joffrey M.D.,

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