Are Your Emails Bringing In 100-300 Sales A Day?

Are your emails creating return customers day after day? Do you have emails that generate 100, 200, or even 300 sales a day consistently?

I’m Derek Coleman, Email Marketing Specialist and an AWAI Verifed copywriter. If you sell an online course and want a surge in your sales column, I have something of interest.

Communicating with your customers and meeting them exactly where they are on their buyer’s journey leads to consistent sales.

A mistake copywriters often make is assuming the customer is closer to a sale than they actually are.

I know your target market because I am your target market. In 2020 alone I’ve spent over $4,038 on online education courses, I’m active in forums, and dislike traditional schooling.

What keeps your target market up at night: They need high income skills to live life on their own terms and never have to worry about a declined card swipe.

My emails will pour money into your sales column, earn repeat customers, and make you the hero of their story. And right now more than ever your customers need a hero, and that should be you.

Let’s work together.

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