B2C Info Product Flash Sale Email Sample

Email 1 – Flash Sale [8 AM]

Author: Nick

Subject line: ⚡ FLASH SALE – ends in 24 hours, you don’t want to miss this

Preview text: If you were on the fence about Info Product before – grab it today at 75% OFF.

Grab Info Product right now for $7.

Our sale ends at midnight tonight Oct 7th, so don’t wait.

Owners of our Info Product are phoning in non-stop to report their big wins AND worries.

What are our callers worried about?

Their cell phones are dinging non-stop with hot real estate leads, so it’s hard to keep up.

Fill your phone with qualified buyers now.

All you need is our proven system that will attract hot leads DIRECTLY to you. (Yes, even while you’re asleep)

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Our 2 best performing ads – ads that will attract buyers instantly without the guesswork.
  • A video guide – set up your lead system in just a few clicks.
  • The ability to target buyers at the press of a button – it’s that simple.
  • All done for you automatically – so you can focus on closing leads.

Don’t worry – you don’t need to be a tech guru to get set up Info Product within the hour. That’s because Kobe recorded the entire set up process so you can follow along.

Just mimic his mouse cursorIt’s that easy!


Get instant access to Info Product now.

Nick & Kobe

The XYZ Rainmakers

P.S. Info Product is on sale today – and today only. Skip the Chipotle burrito for lunch and get this instead.

Last call to get buyers on easy mode.

Email 2 – Flash Sale [6 PM]

Author: Nick

Subject line: It’s now or never, what’s it gonna be?

Preview text: End of the line – it’s time to choose.

You have two choices and only 6 hours to decide because at midnight I’m pulling the plug on our Info Product flash sale.

Snatch it now for just 7 bucks.

In case you forgot, here’s what you’re getting:

  • The Info Product contains our 2 best performing adsyeah, we’re giving them to you! These ads keep buyers swarming in day after day for us. (That’s right we use this same system for our business)
  • Kobe recorded the entire set up processyou can follow along step by step, from start to finish.
  • You don’t have to be a computer wizjust do what you see in the video.
  • Get buyers on demand – press the button and walk away from your computer. You could have buyers within seconds like this genius here:



AS A FREE BONUS: You’ll be granted instant access to our exclusive Facebook Group. An active community where business-minded folks share their huge wins, best tips, and on-going support.

Get instant access to Info Product for just $7 now.

Nick & Kobe

The XYZ Rainmakers

P.S. Full disclosure: As you know, we don’t like discounting our products. Because we pour so much effort into making them as easy to use and life-changing as possible. So who knows when we’ll do another sale.

Claim your Info Product before it’s too late.

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Client, company, and product names have been changed for the purpose of this sample.

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