e-Letter #10: Want To See My Perfected Cold Email Method From Start To Finish?

Maybe you’ll find this interesting, maybe not – but either way just hear me out.

You see,

I’m interested in going LIVE and showing you how I create the “perfected version” of my stupid-simple cold emails.

During the LIVESTREAM you’ll see me create these legendary (only in my heard) cold outreach emails.

For FREE, from start to finish.

I’m getting a ~ 21% response rate – which is F***ING NUTS for cold emails.

If you attend the live stream, here’s what you’ll get:

  • My 4-pt Cold Email Formula that gets CRAZY responses.
  • You’ll learn how to find your prospect’s best email address.
  • The “3-letter opt” you can use to send 300-500 emails in like 5 short minutes.
  • Plus we can sit around and critique some copy – if you want.

Anywho, reply back and let me know if you’re interested.

I’m looking to have this Cold Email live stream on MONDAY, the 18th so don’t wait.

Reply back and let me know.

You signed up because you wanted to find well-paying writing clients and now I’m literally going to show you how I do it – step by step.

Reply to this email to let me know if you’d like to learn my cold email method.

Now get out there… and earn,

Derek Coleman




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