e-Letter #2: You’re Just “The Back-Up Writer”

You’re the silver medalist, best supporting actor, stunt-double, never winning 1st place –

backup writer…

And in this world, you either win or you lose. Right?

Well, sometimes…

About a month ago I was replaced like a bad light bulb. My client hired herself a full-time in-house writer.

And yes, it DID sting me right in the “Lion’s pride.”

But after binge-watching 5 episodes of Schitt’s Creek and committing to a 48 dry fast to detox last night’s lackluster Big-Mac out of my system I remembered 3 things:

  1. She still paid me. (Hehehe)
  2. I got better-paying clients now.
  3. I’m the backup writer.

And that last part I’m completely okay with because I already have my foot in the door.

Once you get your foot in the door, you’ve done good work, and built some trust, then you’ve positioned yourself as a dependable person in your client’s life.

At the end of the day…

If this new writer flakes or fails, guess what?

I’m back in the game baby!

Or more likely – I’ll refer this client to another writer who can take care of her blog.

Anywho, my point is it’s okay to play “second fiddle” and be the backup dancer because you’re still on stage.

Be the on-call writer, be dependable, and KNOW that you’re enough.

Now get out there… and earn,

Derek Coleman

P.S. Ah, who am I trying to convince – I’m salty. But that’s okay, it will pass.

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