e-Letter #3: 😡 Writer’s Websites Are A Giant Time Sink

Yeah I said it,

I’m not taking it back.

Having a freelance writer’s website IS important because it positions you as a professional.


Creating, designing, and writing for your website is a HUGE time commitment.

Plus since you’ll update the web copy, write all the content, and get tired of the design – you’ll never be “done” creating it.

And if you want to “go fast”…

Linkedin is actually where you should invest your time.

Chances are your prospects are on Linkedin… every single day.

So why spend 200 hours creating content trying to attract that prospect to your website, instead of going straight to your prospect.

Meet your prospects where they are.

And your prospect is not on your amateur freelance writer’s website…

But he’s probably on Linkedin…

Now get out there, get on Linkedin… and earn.

Derek Coleman

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