e-Letter #4: A-Level Marketing Advice From A C-Level Writer

Before you’re gifted the keys to this lucrative writing kingdom, there’s something you should know.

Everything in this email is a lesson you can apply to your marketing strategy today.

“Ready. Fire. Aim…”

I’m not a seasoned copywriting veteran…

I’m not a marketing guru… and I’m not a unicorn.

In fact, the first cent I got from a copywriting client was this April…

But what I am is – I’m good at taking action when I’m 87% ready and I advise you to do the same.

I just landed another retainer today, this one is for $2,000.

That brings me to $7,000 in monthly retainers…

I’m not saying this to gloat.

Even if you were dead broke right now, you’re not far away from my level of income.

(I only have 2 client retainers)

Here’s how she found me.

My new client has enjoyed reading the Facebook posts in a group we’re both in, and how I engage the community.

On our 1st call she told me ~ “I love the way you write and how humble your replies are. I’ve known for months that I want you to help me with my business.”

Isn’t that cool of her?

The big takeaway is that people are paying attention – whether you know it or not.

Action steps for you:

  • Join 2 Facebook groups (in your niche).
  • Pay close attention to the questions asked in the group.
  • Write posts in a zany way while also solving their pain points.

Okay, that’s all you get for free.


Next year I’m going to release a paid newsletter subscription that shows freelancers (like yourself) how to get well-paying clients.

Step. By. Step.

Covering client-getting strategies for introverts, extroverts and everyone in between.

Inbound, outbound, fast, slow, my top picks, from simple to complex.


Here’s where I got that great idea from.

That’s all for today.

Happy Hunting Freelancer,

Derek Coleman

P.S. Got some good news you’d like to share? Tell me everything and I may share the news with everyone in my next e-Letter.

It’ll be good exposure, PLUS I’m eager to hear about your wins. Talk to you tomorrow.

Can you spot great opportunities when they come up?