e-Letter #5: “What Should I Charge?” – Answering The Age-Old Question

If you’ve ever read a copywriter’s forum, chances are you’ve seen this age-old question…

“What should I charge?”

Now, before I tell you my answer I’d like to share a few common answers I’ve seen other writers give. (And my opinion, of course)

  1. Charge what you think is fair.
  2. Charge what you’re worth.
  3. Charge based on the results your client can expect.

All terrible advice in my opinion.

You’re a professional business and you need professional business prices –

– At least your ballpark fee ranges.

Charging what you think is fair tends to lead writers to undercharging and justifying low fees…

to themselves!

You’re shooting yourself in the FOOT!

Don’t charge what you think you’re worth because how can you put a price on that?

Why would you want to?

And though you’ll do your best on a project… you can’t promise specific results…

So charging for expected results is out of the question.


Here’s my advice on what to charge:

  1. Figure a baseline price. (the least you’d do a project for)
  2. Add your experience (in dollars) to that price.

Your next action steps:

Download AWAI’s price 2020 guide

Go to page 27 use the fees listed as your baseline, minimum fee range.

Now get out there… and STOP undercharging.

Derek Coleman

P.S. If you skipped to the end…

Download AWAI’s price 2020 guide

Go to page 27 use the fees listed as your baseline, minimum fee range.