e-Letter #6: Don’t Cheer Until The Cheese Hits Your Account

Here’s one lesson you may have to “re-learn” over and over.

Like me.

It feels good when you have a possible $2,500 monthly retainer “on lock.”

But before you pop a bottle, spinning around your studio half-naked hand lip-syncing Hey Look Ma, I Made It…

Answer one question for me.

Did you get a deposit from your client?

Because it feels good to have a possible $2,500 monthly retainer… but that’s just it.

Until the money drops into your account, you have “possible money.”

And we both know…

You can’t spend “possible money.”

You can’t make rent with “possible money.”

You can’t feed your pet turtle with “possible money.”

So why do we celebrate it?

Last night one of my “mentees” had a 30K retainer lined up and I was celebrating his victory like it was my own.

After some back and forth, a paid written test (which he didn’t receive the money for yet), when all his prospect needed to do was sign the proposal…

The prospect bailed out.


Because her “old copywriter came back”…

Came back!? From where? The Bahamas?

It just makes my blood boil but my student has come a very long way and he reminded me – 

“It’s all just part of the game. It’s not personal.”


I’m still mad though but that’s enough from me today.

Now get out there… and earn,

Derek Coleman