e-Letter # 8: The Killer Email That Singlehandedly Carried A Writing Career On Its Back!

Hey, quick question.

My most successful cold email was – in hindsight – completely underwhelming.

Added to that, it breaks the vast majority of email outreach tips out there.

Like… ALL of them.

But it almost singlehandedly carries my entire freelance Copywriting career on its tiny back.

So what made this email so powerful?

After you seeing the bite-sized “killer email” yourself, you can be the judge.

But more on that in a bit…

I believe in keeping things “stupid simple” when it comes to inching further in your freelance career.

Because it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

So the most successful email I wrote (the one I’m going to show you) follows that same logic.

And the email worked like crazy – here’s a few examples of how BONKERS the results were:

  • Connected with over 21 prospects
  • Landed $700 & $2,000 writing projects
  • Earned a $5,000 – $7,500 client retainer

Not bad for a 1st-year copywriter!


Here it is – My Stupid Simple Killer Email. 

Now you can use the email and enjoy great financial success just as I did.

==> Are you ready?

Subject: Hey, quick question.

Body: Do you ever outsource to copywriters?


That’s it. Keep it simple.


Now get out there… and earn,

Derek Coleman

P.S. Like I was saying earlier, learning copywriting can be information OVERLOAD at times. If you’re looking for a streamlined process for writing control beating copy, then you should check this out.