I Read An Article About Email Open Rates. I Disagreed.

“Open rates depend on several factors:
=> Deliverability
=> Subject line
=> Preview text”

Those points factor in, yeah.

But I think one element that is often overlooked is “the sender.”

Let’s pretend you are the sender, ask yourself:

  • Are your emails easy and fun to read?
  • Are your emails customer-focused?
  • Do you send consistently?
  • Do customers like your emails?
  • Are you speaking to the 4 buyer personalities?

TLDR: Email consistently and your customers happy – people tend to respond well to that.

As for me?

Well, I’ve dedicated myself to creating high converting email campaigns consistently.

I have buckets filled with more tips like this that I use for my own email list.

And I’m always testing to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Want to know other ways to increase your open rates?

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