The Power Of Holistic Thinking When Writing An Email Campaign

Holistic thinking is the power to see something in its entirety, or as a whole (holistically). Understanding a component’s place in the grand scheme of a larger, more complex system.

Here’s an easy way to look at holistic thinking; let’s say there’s a dumbbell on the floor. You could look at the dumbbell in isolation or you can ask yourself “what is the dumbbell a bigger part of?”

Well, we know that dumbbells are used to build muscle. Using a dumbbell in your workout, which consists of sets, and reps, will build muscle over time.

Dumbbell > Workout > Sets > Reps > Muscle building

You’re probably wondering “what does holistic thinking have to do with email campaigns?” Fair question, let me explain.

Here’s Why Your Should Apply Holistic Thinking To Email Campaigns

For my explanation I’m going to assume you know EXACTLY who your “prospect” is for this example email campaign. You shouldn’t assume you know this information but for the sake of time, I’m going to.

So you’ve got “Mr. Prospect” here who’s signed up for your special report in exchange for an email address. Now this is where it gets interesting – well – at least its interesting for me.

Big picture thinking

Keep in mind that an email campaign is a part of a much larger marketing effort. To increase email effectiveness we need to consider the whole plan. Now, to get a better idea of the bigger picture, you’ll need to answer some questions about your prospect, and his “place” in your marketing campaign.

  • How did your prospect get on your email list?
  • What has he seen so far?
  • Where will your prospect land after your email campaign?
  • What is the tone of that next step?
  • How can you “preframe” him to be more receptive to your next step?

When you can see where you’re customer is, has been, and is going, your marketing potency increases. Not only that but you’ll have the ability to “preframe” your prospect. Which is priming their mindset to become more suggestible.

Maintains trust…

By keeping a consistent tone and demeanor. When your email and sales letter are signed by Dr. H, they should sound similar. Or your prospect will become guarded and leave the sales page… and you can say goodbye to Mr. Prospect.

Because you see, your tone is interpreted being by your prospect – yes – even while he reads. 

So there are 2 lessons here at play here:

  1. Consistency is key
  2. First impressions are everything
  3. Do your research

Totally intentional by the way, I’m making sure you’re still paying attention.

Improves synergy

An email is not just an email when it’s a piece of a larger marketing strategy. If you’re thinking holistically then you’ll see the symbiotic relationship email campaigns have with social media, web content, and direct mail.

Each piece should supplement and support the others.

Web search (SEO) > Blog > Free report > Email campaign > Sales Letter

Here’s a common example of how marketing pieces fit together

Your marketing plan as a whole (or holistically) should be considered when you’re adding steps. It’s much easier said than done and having a strategist who understands how to plan, modify, and execute is crucial.

Holistic marketing is a unique ability that when applied well, can literally remove mental blocks. By stepping back and analyzing the big plan, you can make better-informed decisions.

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