This Is My Fault… Let Me Explain Email Sample

This Is My Fault… Let Me Explain

Hey Derek, so I was thinking…

This is my fault.

Let me take a minute to explain what the XYZ Rainmaker Program is.

I promise this email is purely for more information.

Allow me to fix the mistake I made our first time around.

Here’s a small breakdown

We will take you by the hand and help you bump your real estate marketing skills to the next level. Access to an accountability and guidance group because we want to ensure your success.

Your drive will consistently be reinvigorated by the wild results you achieve. We’ll help you disarm objections and troubleshoot tricky client scenarios.

Don’t you want to keep taking your income to the next level the simple way? You will have the EXACT SAME step by step methods, systems and techniques that work EVERY SINGLE TIME…

As the great Warren Buffett said “The more you learn, the more you earn.”

BONUSES include:

FULL CHAT BOT COURSE is FREE right now just this weekend. This INSANE DISCOUNT will never see the light of day again once this promotion ends.

XYZ Private Coaching Chat grants direct access to the XYZ leadership team so you can get your most burning questions answered. ASAP!

$1 Trial This Weekend Only – to grant you clarity on EXACTLY what steps you’ll need to level up your business. Thats right you can get all of this, FULL access for just $1 today!

And much much more.

Hopefully this clears things up!


And start having 6-figure months, not years.

Cheers to your success,

Kobe and Ralph

The XYZ Rainmakers

P.S. If you skipped to the end (As I often do), the XYZ Rainmaker Program is the simplest way to grow your business. By letting us show you EXACTLY how we do it and help you troubleshoot any problems you have along the way.


Client, company, and product names have been changed for the purpose of this sample.

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