What Is Holistic Marketing – Fad Or A Business “Lazarus Pit”

What is Holistic Marketing?

Holistic marketing is a way of using different media to spread a single campaign message. It’s where a business makes decisions based on a singular organizational goal. Companies that operate holistically are attempting to have an organization-wide synergy.

Holistic marketing is not a traditional approach, it’s one of the best ways to build a brand. Establishing a common goal and core values is important to customers. Making it easier to develop a sense of brand loyalty and helps them ‘choose a side’.

What’s The Goal Here?

To use different media types to assemble one market under one message. Creating a common ‘cry’ for all your marketing pieces. And using that unity to create your target market, and smash quotas.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it..”

~ Simon Sinek

Instead of concentrating one your companies products, focus on your brand. Your one belief. With one voice.

Holistic marketing establishes it’s customer base with a simplified marketing message. So your customer associates your brand message with who they are, as people. It starts something deep in our primal instincts, a sense of belonging.

Importance of Holistic Marketing

Your brand

Holistic marketing is the best way to build a brand because it transcends demographics. And your customer’s loyalty won’t be dependant on your ever-changing line-up of products. But instead the message your brand represents.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

~ Steve Jobs

Your products will come and go, and consumers will have their opinions about them all. Changing opinions, in fact. Holistic marketing is more about consumers aligning themselves with one central idea, not a product.

Is Holistic Marketing Efficient?

Yes. The holistic approach creates efficient communication between different segments of your business. 

Plus, it creates a synergy between marketing campaigns and boosts brand awareness. This helps customers align themselves with your brand with ease.

How effective is Holistic Marketing?

In short, highly effective. Focusing on the ‘infinite game’, a long-term approach to marketing. Instead of trying to rack up small victories and ‘quick wins’ at the cost of company longevity.

Customer Focus

If customers keep your brand’s core value in mind it will always increase your brand’s performance. Use your marketing communication to remind your customers of your shared core value. They’ll never forget why you do what you do, and where they fit on that ‘battlefield.’

Right next to you.

The Make-up of Holistic Marketing

One Part Relationship Marketing

Holistic marketing isn’t made up of short term goals. The approach centers around building a long term relationship with customers. It focuses on both attaining new customers while strengthening brand value with its present customers. Holistic marketing focuses on the central ‘idea’, that customers feel aligns with their own core values.

One Part Internal Marketing

And it doesn’t stop at just the customers. When an employee’s core value aligns with a company’s there’s a big difference in performance. People are at their best when they are happy and ‘fighting’ for a cause they believe in. People need to fulfill a role to feel they are making an impact… building towards something bigger than themselves.

One Part Integrated Marketing

Blending media channels into a unified approach is a unique characteristic of holistic marketing. It helps ensure consumer happiness and makes marketing efficient from PR to social media.

Additionally, it enables your brand to deliver stronger marketing messages. Due to the fact, your message asks consumers to decide what kind of people they are.

One Part Societal Marketing

Successful holistic marketing is executed by keeping a wider social framework, front of the mind. Your target message should resonate with people regardless of race, class, or geography. It’s a simple-but-powerful message that people of different statuses and walks of life can identify with.


“Only you can prevent forest fires,”

~ Smokey Bear

Performance Marketing

Holistic marketing techniques require complete ROI transparency among your teams. It’s crucial that your marketing team to know exactly how much they are earning from the campaigns. Tracking the revenue for each component separately will identify opportunities to improve.

Experiment with different strategies to bolster the weaker sections. Use A/B testing to find a stronger replacement for that link.

The Holistic Marketing Framework


Okay, so the first step in creating your holistic marketing campaign is to identify:

Once you collected enough data, begin creating your holistic marketing campaign.


To create a marketing campaign that digs more than surface deep, you have to know your consumer’s psyche. And have a talented group of leaders who can put their ‘vision to paper’ so that others can understand.


The most important concern after the launch is customer satisfaction over everything. Solidify the longevity of you campaign and garner customer loyalty at all costs. Customer loyalty is one of the most crucial components for any business to thrive. The other is managing your resources and remembering this is a jog not a sprint.

As I said, you should be aiming for longevity over quick wins. Holistic marketing requires a strong ‘why’, one central idea, and customer satisfaction. It’s viewing the ‘big picture’ and taking each step into account before making a decision.

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